Truth about my break up which I learnt only after a break up | indian girl breakup facts

#telugu ammayi #Vasavi telugu vlogs # Vasavi telugu ammayi #Kusuma Vasavi telugu vlogs Please watch: “Kusuma Vasavi telugu vlogs – Telugu ammayi Mix henna,color long hair using henna naturally” –~– 5 truths about love and relationship I learnt only after a break up Truth about my break up which I learnt only after a break up Summary: Lot of couples usually have break-up.A break-up need not always be tragic. These are the things which I learnt after break-up. A break-up with the person you love teach a lot about love and relationships, and it does not necessarily negative or tragic always. And when I ended three-year-long relationship with my dear boyfriend for major differences, I thought I would always be in depression and never be able to recover from it. Honestly, it did hurt me a lot but as elders say, time is always a great healer. My life slowly came back to normal after lot of crying days. Today, I can say that break-up with my ex-love taught me a lot about life , love and relationship upto major extent. When you are in love or in a relationship or when dating a person, you tend to ignore all the negatives of your partner usually. And I was no different and I also thought in same way. I was deeply in love with my boyfriend and I believed in only his good qualities which I used to like him because of positive qualities. But after break-up with friend, I realised how foolist am I and my concept of ideal boy friend. And over some time, I realised that before going into relationship, it’s always wise not to ignore the negatives or bad habits of a partner believing him or her to be ideal and perfect. When I experienced the big differences appearing in our relationship, I tried in lot of ways to adjust those. I always dreamt of a fruitful relationship with him when the present fullfilled with lot of fighting and differences. It took me very long time to realise relationship would not match and we two slowly drifting apart. I was unable to to accept the reality and ended up by disturbing my mental health and peace of mind. I wish someone might have told me that there is no shame in agreeing that a relationship is not working. But the break-up experience gave me this valuable lesson which I am sharing to everyone. We believe that for a long term relationship, both the partners always need to be compatible. And I was initially happy to have found a boy friend who was just like me in similar tastes in food along with other hobbies. But our personalities were entirely different. I am an introvert while he is an extrovert. He had anger issues for silly reasons while I rarely had any outbursts upon anyone. Sometimes, compatibility should not be the only factor to decide the strength of any relationship. You might be attracted to a third person even when you are in a relationship When you are in a love or relationship never think of being attracted to another person. But that is not true always. There were lot of incidents during the journey of our relationship, I might have handled in better ways. When I found my boyfriend started admiring one of his girl friends or female colleagues that really made me angry. We even fought several times over that issue. But it took me very long time to accept that a person can be attracted to other person even after stable relationship. Attraction may not always point towards an affair ot love. Reacting to such feelings can have adverse effect on the relationship and both the partners. We are a immatured generation who are in major transformation interms of culture. We always expect equality at work and life. And at the same time, we also have needs for women demanding period leaves in office. Similarly, partners too want to have equal roles in a relationship. which is not always possible. Sometimes, we should know what we should do and what we cannot, and it usually takes a lot of courage to accept our weakness. ————————————————————– Follow me and my social links for updates AadaPilla Website – YouTube Channel Aadapilla – YouTube Channel Vasawiifreshersworld – Facebook page aadapilla – Facebook Group aadapilla – Instagram aadapilla – Twitter aadapilla – LinkedIn aadapilla – Pinterest aadapilla – Tumblr aadapilla – Telegram Channel aadapilla – Telegram Group Aadapilla – —————————————————————- Preyasi Telugu Vlogs – Software Telugu Ammayi Channel Preyasi Telugu Vlogs